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I have a problem with the images on a website that I am working on. It’s difficult to explain so I try to show you instead.

Step 1. go to http://www.cierrafitness.com

step 2. hold control while using the scroll wheel on your mouse to change the size of your screen.

You will see the images start to move and overlap each other… Please give me some advise to correct this problem.


  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Well at 100% your images are so large tehy are overlaying the sidebar (your search is at the top of the sidebar). You really should size your images to work at 100% and you’ll run a better chance of standing resizing.

    But the real problem is the theme wasn’t designed to accept that kind of resizing. The main screen width is set for a maximum width of 1536 pixels and a min width 700px. Once your resizing reaches those limits it’s going to move things around to fit into those limits.

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