Wordpress Importer Plugin Problem

I used the Wordpress Importer plugin to move a stand alone site to a multisite. I have not mapped the domain yet.

All the posts came across fine, except for 5 of them. They are ok on the admin side, but when you view them live, all it shows in the post is the media file (an image), and the image is linked to it's url, although it is not linked to it in the original post. The whole page shows, with sidebar, footer, etc, but the post itself is just that one image. If you click to edit, you are taken to the media file in the media library, not the post in the post editor.

I have added a new post and copied everything over. I rename the old post's slug, so that I can use the original name for the new post. Now, the old post with a new name shows up ok on the live side, but the new one doesn't. As long as the slug is somewhat different, everything is ok.

But I need to keep the same slugs, as the posts have, in some cases, 100s of pins or likes, so that those will be preserved once I map the domain.

I have tried deleting the "bad" original post, but as soon as I give the new post the original slugname, the problem returns. There's no extra code on the text side.

I also posted this question in the wp forum, but this plugin has pages and pages of unanswered posts.

Any idea what can this be?