WordPress: Issues, Updates, Glitches, Etc...


I've been working with WordPress for about 9 months now. I would consider myself advanced in regards to WordPress work. I am fairly proficient in CSS and HTML, with a tiny bit of PHP and MySQL skill.

I currently have about 5 sites that I created and that I manage. 4/5 of these sites seem to always have little problems here and there. I use Elegant Themes, WMPU plugins, and a few random plugins here and there. But I have one client who has an issue every week.

For example, Appointments+ isn't accepting appointments for certain time slot. Or WPMU Events isn't showing any RSVP's. Or my spam protection is marking all the sites users as spammers and blocking them.

I know that my development cycle isn't as refined as it could be, and that my processes could be a little better defined. I also know that Webmastery and Development is a constant give and take between users, clients, browsers, and me.

My question: Is it normal to have things glitch out or go awry this often?

I would love to be able to build sites that I could hand over to clients, rather than be the go to guy every three days.

Thank you,


  • Zyniker

    The answer to your question largely depends on the client. Some clients will not tinker with the backend and other things, and they will see relatively few problems. Other clients will constantly get themselves into trouble by rooting around in places they'd be better off not going. If you find that a particular client is giving you trouble, then you might want to look into closing off parts of the backend that are allowing the client to create issues. This can be done through plugins or code in functions.php.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Peter

    As @zyniker so eloquently put it, It can vary. sometimes you get no issues at all, sometimes you get 1 or 2. Sometimes the client decides they want to use something in a way that it wasn't designed to be used, or they change a setting & not realise exactly what happens.

    Appointments+ & Events plugins can be a bit fiddly, time slots & working hours can be quite fiddly to set up especially, & not all combinations are possible, depending on the clients requirements.

    But other plugins can also interfere too, Javascript conflicts are typically the most headache causing issues.

    But we can try to help, however, without more insight into the issues your client is having with our plugins, it would be difficult to try and pinpoint an exact cause, we would have to look at each on a case by case basis & would need as much details on that clients set up as possible. Sometimes it can be something simple, but sometimes it could be far easier if we just login and take a look.

    Hope this helps


  • Peter

    Thanks for the responses! What you're saying does make sense and I do get that issues just happen. I do block my clients from specific access to the backend, which helps.

    Maybe I was a little too specific, I just mean as developers, or site owners, or webmasters. Is the battle of bug fixes constant?

    The reason I ask is because a client of mine, who is also a friend asked if it was normal to experience almost weekly issues with things on a site. I would think yes, so many browsers and versions, and different user types -- things just have to be managed. But she's feeling like managing her clients was less of a headache before via text messages.

    (This is not an angry thread at WPMU's plugins or support, they're both awesome and appreciated.)

  • Zyniker

    The short answer is: Yes. When dealing with a mix of (at least) four desktop browsers; literally dozens of possible mobile combinations; various update schedules for themes, plugins, and the WordPress core; and, of course, clients requests, it is pretty much guaranteed that every single week will bring some new bug or glitch which needs sorted out. Thankfully, most issues tend to be small once you have a good groundwork built.

  • Zyniker

    On a related note: I highly recommend keeping work and personal communications separate (at least at the software level, if the hardware level is not practical). I know how convenient it can seem (and how it looks like a selling point) to be available via SMS/iMessage/other text message system, but, in the end, it winds up being more hassle than it is worth. Better to maintain a single point of contact (e.g., an email support system) which can be properly routed and managed.

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