Wordpress keeps saying one plugin needs and update (multisite)

My Wordpress multisite installation keeps saying that one plugin needs an update. When I check the network administration,it says all my plugins are up-to-date.

- Is there really one plugin that needs an update (somewhere in my network)? How can I find it?
- If not, how can I make this message disappear? I mean: how can I "reset" the Wordpress update notification?


  • aristath
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    Hello there @Arom77, I hope you're well today!

    This is probably a mis-configured version number on one of the plugins present on your site...
    Nothing to worry about, once that plugin gets updated the notice will go away.
    The only way to find out which one it is, you'd simply have to delete theme from wp-content/plugins one-by one and test which one it is.
    My advise would be to simply let it be!


  • Arom77
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    One month later Wordpress keeps saying me this but there's something new.

    I'm using Wordfence and today the scan is displaying this message:
    The Plugin "" needs an upgrade.
    Plugin Name:
    Current Plugin Version:
    New Plugin Version: 1.92
    Severity: Critical
    Status New
    You need to upgrade "" to the newest version to ensure you have any security fixes the developer has released. Click here to update now.

    The "Click here to update now" link redirects to /wp-admin/update-core.php

    I checked at my plugin page but they sem all up-to-date. Moreover I can't see any plugin that would be on version 1.91 or 1.9 so I don't know where this 1.92 is coming from.

    So it looks as if there is "something somewhere" that does need an update, but I don't know where to investigate. Any idea?


  • Arom77
    • Froggy

    Hi @aristath

    I've just tried to deactivate Wordfence but the problem is still here. Wordpress keeps saying me that something needs an update. Notification is in the admin bar and on menu, and it says clearly this is a plugin that needs an update. But when you go on the plugin page it says all plugins are up-to-date. I checked network admin but I checked all subsites too and found no plugins that needs to be updated at all.

    There is something new however but I don't know if this is related. I saw yesterday there is a brand new update for a theme I'm using for a subsite. But Wordpress don't say it to me in the network admin. I can only see it when I'm on the subsite that used this theme.

    In other words is Wordpress update notification fucked up? If this is it, how could I fix it?

  • aristath
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    Not necessarily...
    A plugin might be simply mis-declaring a version number.
    There's nothing to worry about, I had this in one of my sites for months until the developer of that plugin fixed it.
    If you want to find out which plugin is causing this you will have to delete them (not simply deactivate them) one by one and check which one is causing this. Once you do, you can contact the plugin developer about it.
    But as I mentioned above, this "issue" will not cause any issues on your site and you can simply ignore it.


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