wordpress media uploader

The change to the new media uploader has me baffled. I have a bunch of images uploaded, and I am trying to use the Hybrid Path theme (sorry, I found them before I found y'all.) I can't seem to change image sizes to make them work in my theme slider. I set featured images, I make them 150 px tall, and the settings I prescribe don't seem to stick. see my test site, heartofarlington.info

I'm just stuck. One of the images works, the others don't, and I'm convinced I'm doing them the same way--unless I'm not. These are ALL images out of my media library, and these are new posts.

If somebody could tell me, do A, B, C, D to make the images do these things, I'd be a happy man: 1) Thumbnails @ 150x150; 2)Featured images in post (which shows up in my Slider) @ 200 px height, width tbd.

Let's start there.