WordPress Membership: only one gateway allowed – how do I do subscription?

I was told by David in a reply to another thread that only one payment gateway is allowed – so using both single and subscription causes problems

He said to use single since I could also use that for subscription

See the images below

The first one is for a monthly subscription using the subscription gateway

This clearly shows payment will be taken every month

The second shows just a payment page – and nowhere is it mentioned about payments being monthly

NOTE: the subscription is the same for both – serial payment monthly

I haven't tested in the sandbox for example – but surely if it's a recurring payment, then it should state clearly in the payment page??

Or am I missing something?

ALSO: I have specific specific buttons for the single payment – but the default Paypal buttons still show – why is this? (I personally don't like the look of them!)

I'm probably going to go with subscription – but it would be great if single payment gateway were possible to use – I'm sure I would need for other purposes