WordPress Migration Media Library Empty

I had a mishap with a WishList Member installation on a WordPress multisite. The plugin was activated on blog #3 on the site. It was never quite right so I removed that blog from my installation and moved it to a single install on a subdomain. I moved all the media for this site into the appropriate uploads folder for a single installation. Everything seems good except the WordPress Media Library is empty. Well, it really isn't empty but the info for all the files is gone. So I see two options:

1. Use a plugin or something to re-import all the media info from the wp-content/uploads folder into the media library. Do you know of such a plugin?
2. Grab the database field from the old database and stick the info into the new database. I don't know if this will even work.

I don't know if you can even do these things. Any other ideas?

Wendy Merritt