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I was wondering if anyone could help me out with WordPress MU Domain Mapping.
I have moleskinestore.lgmsites.com and I want it to be redirected to moleskinestore.com. I've followed some tutorials I found online but that doesnt seem to work for me. When I do this and try to use it it sends me to the right place except my content isn't being displayed. Could anyone help out with that please?

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings larrym,

    Thank you for the great question, it is truly appreciated.

    It appears you have domain mapping backwards, it should be moleskinestore.com resolving to moleskinestore.lgmsites.com

    Another issue is that it appears that you do not have a dedicated IP as shown in my report below:

    Reverse IP Lookup Results—193 domains hosted on IP address
    Web Site

    AND 190 other domains…

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Todd Heitner
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I'll try to help you with it and if Joe has anything to add, he can do so.

    In reading your post and Joe's reply, I don't know if it's that you had it backwards or if it just sounded that way because of the wording. I think it could be taken a couple different ways. When I read what you posted, I thought you had it right, but then when I read Joe's comments I could see how it could be taken differently.

    So I'll try to clarify what domain mapping does, using your site as an example.

    I'm assuming your MultiSite WordPress installation is located at lgmsites.com. So you create a site on there called "moleskinestore", which has a URL of "moleskinestore.lgmsites.com". But you want the site to have its own domain name rather than using a subdomain. That's what the domain mapping plugin allows.

    To work, as Joe said, first of all you need to have a dedicated IP address for your main site, where WordPress is installed. I didn't check, but Joe said that is not the case with your site, so that's the first step. You'll need to ask your hosting provider about that and see if they can give you a dedicated IP address for that domain, which may cost something. Again, the dedicated IP address needs to be for your main WP installation (not each domain that's mapped).

    As a side note, I recently asked one of my hosts for a dedicated IP and they said due to a global shortage of IP addresses they only give them out when an SSL certificate is being installed, to make the site secure. So I had to buy an SSL certificate I didn't need just to get a dedicated IP address. Hopefully you don't have to do that.

    Once you have a dedicated IP address, you should be able to put the IP address into your browser's address bar and your main WordPress site should come up.

    After this preliminary step is done, you can just follow the instructions on the Usage guide for the plugin:
    Click the Usage tab at the top to get install instructions.

    I won't repeat them here because they are pretty detailed.

    Then to point a domain to a site there are two steps:

    1) Change the A record for the domain at your domain registrar (or wherever the name servers are pointing) to
    point to your IP address (the dedicated IP address as referenced above).

    2) Go into the Domain Mapping menu under the site where you want the domain to point (Tools -> Domain Mapping) and add your domain name on that page so WordPress knows which site the domain name should point to.

    Then when you type in the domain name "moleskinestore.com", it should now pull up the site located at "moleskinestore.lgmsites.com", with no visible indication that it's a subdomain of lgmsites.com.

    I hope this helps. Again, Joe may have something to add.


  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings larrym and Todd,

    @larrym --> Todd gave a great explanation to what is exactly going on there with Domain Mapping, but the first step is a dedicated IP address.

    @Todd Heitner great job you are spot on with your answer.

    Due to a global shortage of IP addresses they only give them out when an SSL certificate is being installed, to make the site secure. So I had to buy an SSL certificate I didn't need just to get a dedicated IP address.

    This is only a partial truth though I have been forced to give dedicated IP's only with VPS accounts, but it is not an extra charge.

    Only partially true because IP V6 has an almost infinite amounts of IP's available, but very few are going with them because most of the world is on IP V4 --> this is where the problem is at and where the IP's are tight.

    The problem is that most of the net refuses to move to IP V6 so in effect it is kind of like its own internet and only those overlaying there networks with IP V6 and paying for both offer IP V6 IP's and those not overlaying and have only an IP V6 network without overlay cannot see IP V4.

    IP V6 easy to get but probably 95% of the internet is on IP V4 and cannot see your stuff.

    Cheers, Joe

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