Wordpress Multi site with domain mapping on multiple servers


We have a plugin (not one of yours; wp-beaver-builder) that requires wp milti-site in order to whitelabel. The client would like to host their own website, normally we host them.

I have done a little googling to find that setting up a network with different domains (not subdomains or subfolders) is possible. So this if fine for a site that is part of a network on a single server.

BUT, is this possible to achieve across two or more servers. In other words having a main site on my sever with the plugin installed that 'hooks' (I am new at multi site installs) into remote site to provide the plugin. I am Assuming that the main site will have super admin access to the remote site so it is possible to administer from my server. I am also assuming that the remote site will be a wordpress install in its own rite so that the clients (admins) will log into the site and access the file on their server only.

Can you please help to clear all this up a little?

Thanks kindly, Vincent

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Vincent

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Short answer is no, it is not possible to spread a single multisite instance across multiple servers.

    However, you can spread it across multiple databases on the same server using our Multi-DB plugin.

    With Multi-DB, you could even offer your clients a VIP database. Combine that with Domain Mapping and they can use their own domain name for their subsite in your network.

    So if you really do need to whitelabel the page builder plugin for your clients, you have 2 options:

    - Either host their site in your multisite and offer them Domain Mapping,

    - Or, customize the plugin and pre-install it on their self-hosted site.

    If you go with the 2nd option, you would need to monitor updates to the original, and keep your customized version updated on your client's site(s).

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