wordpress multisite 4.4 auto update ?

i had two install on MAMP Pro (local) -
a single and a multisite.
i noticed that the single site had an update for 4.4.1
then when i went to the multisite i did not see any update available.
then i noticed that it was already at 4.4.1 even though i did not update.

then i noticed an email in my inbox ;

"Howdy! Your site at http://multisite has been updated automatically to WordPress 4.4.1.
No further action is needed on your part. For more on version 4.4.1, see the About WordPress screen:
If you experience any issues or need support, the volunteers in the WordPress.org support forums may be able to help.
You also have some plugins or themes with updates available. Update them now:
The WordPress Team"

is this new for 4.4 in that multisite are automatically updated for WP core ?

everyone always focuses on updates, keep everything up to date for security etc. and fail to mention the numerous times updates breaks sites when not properly tested before hand.

so if this is indeed part of 4.4 specifically for multisite,
my next question will be,
how can this be removed ?

kind regards.