WordPress Multisite first time


Yesterday I try your 1 month premium membership..

Want to build a multisite wordpress,

my project is to create sites for small&medium enterprise & they will get subdomain site.

The control is only on my hand, dont want people register by themselves, to prevent spam & hosting problem, so i choose by myself who deserve get my service.

Want to take profit from adsense in their sites and if they become premium member, i will remove the ads & give theme free premium domain (.com or .net or etc )

According to my story, after install fresh wordpress, need advice “what plugins” I must prepare to create multisite, set subdomain for my member, adsense in every site, change subdomain become domain for premium member?

I have unlimited shared hosting on Hostgator, are they good enough to host a multisite wordpress, maybe you have info from other people that use hostgator service? or any other recommended cheap unlimited hosting to handle Multisite for the first time?

Aaah forget, hmm, I’ve read people chat about wildcard subdomain for multisite, still confuse what plugin to set it or need manual setting?

In the future if this project growth, I will move hosting to VPS. Just in case, do you have info about minimum requirements server spec for running worpress multisite?

Thanks for your advice & info.

Best Regards,

William irvandy