Wordpress Multisite in Google Cloud


I want to put my wordpress multisite on google servers, any recommendations or plugin to help me set it up?


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Carlos,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    To be honest, I have never set up a WordPress site on Google App Engine myself; however, they have a very nice tutorial on setting up WordPress, then I found a third party tutorial on setting up Multisite thereafter :slight_smile:

    Setup WordPress: http://googlecloudplatform.github.io/appengine-php-wordpress-starter-project/

    Then setup Multisite: http://frankie.bz/#wordpress-multisite-on-google-app-engine-php-beta

    Also, you can use Google's App Engine WordPress plugin to make integrating a bit smoother, I'm not sure how this works with Multisite on GAE though: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-app-engine/

    Let us know if you get stuck anywhere and we'll help out wherever we can :slight_smile:

    Have a great weekend and look forward to hearing back.

    All the best,

  • Braydan Willrath

    Hey Carlos,

    Just wanted to find out how you went with this, I'm looking to do the same thing and I have a test environment running, but as far as I can find its not going to be possible if you want to enable domain mapping as you would have to manually add the domains yourself each time. (Unless of course its a static Multisite and nobody is creating new subsites)

    Keen to hear how you went, I'm about to give up.


  • amused

    RackSpace, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. etc. etc.
    may indeed be the future (or present).
    fact is many forget you have to be a sys admin with greater tech skills compared to wordpress which makes no sense and all the sense at the same time, to maintain cloud servers (unless managed for you like RackSpace)

    odds are someone with such high levels of database, server, etc. tech knowledge most likely (not always) would be proficient in php, css, html etc (basic *shit basically).

    even when that person exists it may still make business sense to have the server managed for them/you.

    WPengine/Kinsta/Presly etc. offer amazing managed hosting thats more than just "nginx", "memcache" and all the crap insecure overgrown infants like to boast that they know about lol

    "more than just" yes "more than just" !!!
    security !!! back ups !!! compatibility !!! caching !!! etc etc.

    hear is something i have NOT heard any blog, forum, post etc. say.
    hosted solutions are actually FASTER and more convenient than MAMP (local) solutions !!!
    fact !!!
    it shocked me to see a site responding in many ways faster on wpengine faster than locally on MAMP pro even with a new i7 iMac.

    then there is vagrant, vvv, etc etc. whatever !!!
    all depends on your environment but people just use them to say that they use them and not because they need to.

    in my humble stupid opinion it all depends on your final goals and use that to see how efficiently and productively those can be achieved.

    i do believe a HUGE site can indeed outgrow Kinsta, wpEngine, Pagely, etc. because you may eventually need load balanced databases etc. (more than just load balanced servers).
    but with php 7 etc coming out everything always changes and who knows managed hosting may even have the power to host GIANTS as hardware far exceeds software, with thanks to software (if that makes sense, hehe)

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