WordPress MultiSite Migration Gone Wrong

Hello All,

We recently had our multisite installation migrated from GoDaddy to a VPS and now we are unable to gain access to any of the admin areas of any multi-domain subsites.
Main site: http://soobahkdo.biz

Oh Joy and Happy New Year. :slight_frown:

The host was not knowledgeable about Wordpress Multisite and I suspect they simply did not configure it correctly after migration or may have edited some database entries with the new IP address, but failed to make all the necessary edits. I am unfamiliar with which tables may need to be edited when a site's IP adddress changes. Can you advise?

Our domains for our multi-domain subsites are hosted at GoDaddy and we modified the A Record for each one to point to the new VPS IP address and we added a wildcard entry as well. Over 10 days ago.

The main page of some multi-domain subsites will display, but we encounter this error page when trying to access the admin area on any of the subsites. Examples:
etc. for all subsites

The main page will display for some of the subsites which also have domain mapping turned on, but on others we encounter this error:

Example Mapped Domains that works
http://moodochulhahk.com is mapped to moodochulhak.soobahkdo.org
http://yourweaponwithin.com/ is mapped to weaponwithin.qualityoflives.com

Example Mapped Domain that does NOT work
http://soobahkdofoundation.org is mapped to foundation.soobahkdo.org/wp-admin/

Any guidance about what steps we need to take to sort out this mess will be appreciated.

Phil D

  • aecnu

    Greetings Phil :slight_smile:

    I have searched through my two Multi Sites Networks databases and found no references to IP's, so I do not think this is the problem.

    However, I did find a problem with the DNS for at least the soobahkdofoundation.org domain.

    The working domains:

    Example Mapped Domains that works
    http://moodochulhahk.com is mapped to moodochulhak.soobahkdo.org
    http://yourweaponwithin.com/ is mapped to weaponwithin.qualityoflives.com

    are resolving to IP

    and the not working domain soobahkdofoundation.org is NOT pointed to the same IP as the working Domains IP but resolving to the old IP

    Therefore at least for this specific domain the problem is with DNS not pointing to what I believe is your new VPS IP

    After checking the Who Is records and when they were last updated, it is possible this is in absolute reverse due to not knowing for certain which IP is the VPS.

    If this is the case the working domains are working because they are still resolving to the old hosting account.

    Can you confirm which IP is indeed the one for the VPS?

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • aecnu

    Greetings :slight_smile:

    the easiest and most accurate way to transfer the site and all of its permissions would be to ssh in as root -->go to the site folder that needs to be moved-->and run a archiving command:
    tar -cvf sitename.tar ./

    Download the sitename.tar file

    then go to the sites folder on the new server-->upload the sitename.tar file to the correct new site folder-->run the un-compress command:
    tar -xvf sitename.tar

    now do the same for the actual database files i.e. typically var/lib/mysql/databasename/

    once complete reboot MySQL Server and walla - all should be as it should be :slight_smile:

    Do it all the time for our clients :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • SooBahkDo

    @aecnu Good catch on the misdirected domains. The old installation IP is

    The new installation IP is

    I am not sure of the migration technique used by the host, but I provided them links to migration instructions that should have worked according to those authors.

    Our new installation is on a VPS and it currently fails this test mentioned in the WPMU Domain Mapping Plugin installation instructions shown below, so am I correct in assuming we may have a Virtual host configuration issue on the server?

    Potential Issues
    Many times you may run into trouble where mapped domains don't resolve to your WordPress Multi-site install even though the DNS is correct for the domain you are trying to map.

    This is especially common with shared hosting. Some symptoms are getting a default or non-existent domain screen branded by your host. What this means is that your WordPress install/virtualhost is not set as the default for your IP address, so different domains do not load it up.

    Here is a very simple way to check if your hosting is configured correctly: Simply enter your server's IP address into a web browser and see if it loads up your WordPress signup page. For example, using the Edublogs IP you would enter into the web browser. See how it loads up the signup page? If entering your IP pulls up an error screen from your host (Example: here is what to do:

    1. Purchase a dedicated IP address for your hosting.
    2. Many times just the dedicated IP will do the trick. If not, you will need to tell your host to configure your WPMU virtualhost to be the default for your dedicated IP.


    Thanks to all for tips.

    Phil D

  • SooBahkDo

    This thread sites a similar issue as we are encountering since the miogration:

    However, our site issue is a migration that has resulted in this problem and I have not tested making new sites on the new VPS as I am sure they will not work either if the existing ones will not work.

    A long time ago we had the issue on one of our shared hosting multisite installations. New sites would work when created and then they broke shortly afterwards. A dedicated IP resolved that problem for us on GoDaddy.

  • aecnu

    Greetings SooBahkDo :slight_smile:

    if you do not get this resolved and you choose to move to a different server, please consider giving us the opportunity to serve you and it is sure we will get this right :slight_smile:

    I would personally be your Network Admin. Submit a Trouble Ticket at:

    for details and thank you for the consideration.

    I do not put the direct link here to our Hosting out of respect and consideration for WPMU Dev :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • SooBahkDo

    Hello All,

    @acenu thanks for the offer!

    The good news is that our VPS has multiple IP addresses and once we configured the DNS on domains names to point at one of the IP addresses OTHER THAN the site root IP address, everything fell into place and domain mapping and multi-domains began working.

    The host explanation was that the way Cpanel and WHM were configured on the VPS, using an alternate IP other than the root IP on the VPS should fix the issue and it appears to have done so.

    Thanks to everyone for chiming in.

    Phil D

  • DDV

    You need to set up wildcard DNS records. You won't be able to access any of the subdomain sites until this has been done.Domain mapping will redirect the sites that have it set up but not for the others.

    By the way, the IP address is not required for WordPress to function - it doesn't record it in your database. Some security plugins might do this. This won't be the case here because you can access the main site.

    WordPress records the root domain name and the site's location in both the database and wp-config.php. If your site was located in the root directory of your old host and is located in the root directory of your current host and your domain name is the same then you shouldn't need to change anything in the database or in wp-config.php.

    Good news you got it fixed.

  • SooBahkDo

    @ aecnu, Thanks and ditto!

    @ DDV, we did configure wildcard DNS on all domains used as multi-domains; however, we set the target IP address as the server root IP and that did not work. Each blog produced a default CPanel notification that the site could not be reached and itds IP address may have changed. Also each attempt to access the admin area of a subsite blog produced a 404 message.

    When we modified all the DNS configurations to a server IP other than the root IP, all those issues were resolved.

    HOWEVER, going through the sites one-by-one, I have now discovered tons of broken images and am researching why this is happening. At first glance it appears the actual image files are missing on the server in the target locations. Not sure how that would have happened since a full backup was performed at GoDaddy and then transferred to the new server. I will post back after I figure that out.

    Thanks to all for weigning in.
    Phil D

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