WordPress MultiSite Migration Gone Wrong

Hello All,

We recently had our multisite installation migrated from GoDaddy to a VPS and now we are unable to gain access to any of the admin areas of any multi-domain subsites.
Main site: http://soobahkdo.biz

Oh Joy and Happy New Year.

The host was not knowledgeable about Wordpress Multisite and I suspect they simply did not configure it correctly after migration or may have edited some database entries with the new IP address, but failed to make all the necessary edits. I am unfamiliar with which tables may need to be edited when a site's IP adddress changes. Can you advise?

Our domains for our multi-domain subsites are hosted at GoDaddy and we modified the A Record for each one to point to the new VPS IP address and we added a wildcard entry as well. Over 10 days ago.

The main page of some multi-domain subsites will display, but we encounter this error page when trying to access the admin area on any of the subsites. Examples:
etc. for all subsites

The main page will display for some of the subsites which also have domain mapping turned on, but on others we encounter this error:

Example Mapped Domains that works
http://moodochulhahk.com is mapped to moodochulhak.soobahkdo.org
http://yourweaponwithin.com/ is mapped to weaponwithin.qualityoflives.com

Example Mapped Domain that does NOT work
http://soobahkdofoundation.org is mapped to foundation.soobahkdo.org/wp-admin/

Any guidance about what steps we need to take to sort out this mess will be appreciated.

Phil D