Wordpress Multisite with Cloudflare?


I have a multisite running your ProSites plugin and I was hoping to use Cloudflare CDN on one of the sites within that multisite. Is there a way to do this?

I tried to activate Cloudflare via my hosting cPanel as per usual but it didn't work. The hosting support thought it might be because of the multisite.

Any ideas?


  • Leighton

    Hello @Dave,

    I hope you're doing great!

    Try the following steps to link your WP Multisite to CloudFlare:

    1.- Add the root domain to CloudFlare (yourdomain.com) and point the DNS to CloudFlare, using the CloudFlare nameservers specified during the signup process and making the DNS change at your registrar.

    2.- Define the wildcard subdomains in your DNS zone file during the signup process. CloudFlare cannot proxy wildcard DNS entries, so to benefit from CloudFlare performance and security, you must explicitly define any entries in your zone file as either CNAMEs or A record entries.

    You can also try with CloudFlare WordPress Plugin. This is a good way to correct IP Address information.

    Hope this helps you! :slight_smile:

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