Wordpress Multisite with subdomains problems (GoDaddy, Wildcard SSL, dedicated IP)

We have BIG problems with WordPress Multisite with subdomain setup.
Hosting: GoDaddy Delux hosting plan with WIldcard SSL and dedicated IP

When we create subpage (new WPMU website) we can access dashboard for a newly created subpage but not the subpage itself because it takes us to the primary site. The strangest thing is that it works when using https (example: http://kiki.hdnp.hr & http://www.kiki.hdnp.hr - not working; https://kiki.hdnp.hr - working)

Please HELP ME because it's driving me crazy. Could you lead me through setting this up correctly before setting up WPMUDEV plugins for domain mapping and multi-domain.

Please help me to figure this out,
Thank you Matija Raos