WordPress Network Guidance?

Hello. I want to have a root domain as a landing page pixelerix.com with 3 choices that go to pixelerix.com/1 /2 or /3 which are each separate WordPress installations. Is it a WordPress Network? Do yu have any current docs and guidance on setting it up? Will I have issues with the Divi theme or WPMU plugins? Thanks!

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    Hi Core Zero,

    Hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

    The setup you have described can be done with both WordPress Multisite or with multiple WP installations inside subfolders, it will depend on what are you looking to do with the sites and how you want them to behave.

    So let me explain a bit about multisite installation first.

    You can have the setup you explained by simply installing multisite at pixelerix.com and set it up as subdirectory multisite, which will allow you to create subsites that will be in the format you mentioned pixelerix.com/site1, pixelerix.com/site2 etc.

    With this kind of setup you will have one place to install your themes and plugins, and that would be in the network admin, your subsites will be able to use those plugins but they will not have an option to install their own, plugins or themes, they can only use the ones that were installed via network admin.

    Also, with network installations, you will have some plugins that can be configured per subsite, and some that will have network-wide options, so they are configured in network admin and can’t be modified by subsite admins.

    You can read more about multisite installations here:


    As for the single site installation, this would require you to install multiple WP installations and handle each one on it’s own.

    So you would have one WP installation under pixelerix.com then in subfolder on your server you will install second one for pixelerix.com/site1, then third one again in new folder for pixelerix.com/site2 and so on.

    So, depending on what you want to do with the sites you can go with one method or another, if you wish to have one installation to handle your subsites then go with network installation, but if you’re looking to have a standalone installation where each site should have an option to install their own plugins and themes you will then need separate installations.

    I want to have a root domain as a landing page pixelerix.com with 3 choices

    This can be done in both cases with a simple page that would have links to 3 subsites.

    Will I have issues with the Divi theme or WPMU plugins?

    All our plugins are network compatible, and you shouldn’t have any issues with Divi either, there are a lot of our members that are using it on multisites without any problems :slight_smile:

    If something is unclear or you have additional questions let us know.

    Best regards,


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