wordpress on PDA - image download

Hi !

Well, here it is. I am now a new Apple slave and happy owner of a beautifull Ipad...

And.... Problems began LoL !

There is an official wordpress app, but it does absolutely not fit professional use of wordpress, and in fact keep the standard web acces is just better. BUT

Of course, it is just impossible to download a file from an ipad....

Except if YOU guys, create us a nice fancy plugin, that would just open the Ifile, or drop box or local image library folder to download it, when ios is recognized as browser or better, add a tab on download page "from my Ipad, From my dropbox" oer any other optionnal tab set up in the plugin option :slight_smile:

Magical huh ?

Possible ?

Well nothing impossible on WPMUDEV huh ?

A raccoon ? :wink: