WordPress Posts Disappeared

I have worked with bluehost.com, my hosting provider, but cannot figure out my big wordpress problem. This is not related to a WPMU plugin and I don’t use any of them on this particular site.

Last week all of my wordpress sites stopped working. Only the home pages loaded. I contacted live support and they said to resave my permalink settings, which are custom (/%postname%/) I did to no avail. I created a support ticket and they said it was an issue with the .htaccess files. They fixed it and all pages loaded as normal.

Well a day or two later I noticed that on just one of my sites, the main domain of the hosting account, every single post from June 15 to December 14 had disappeared. They aren’t in the wp-posts database, they aren’t in my dashboard and you get a 404 error when typing in their permalink. They have completely disappeared. Bluehost is stumped. I didn’t delete them and they said they didn’t either.

I wonder if my previous problem with the .htaccess file had anything to do with it? I also had the QoolArchives plugin and was wondering if it could have created a problem like this. Either way, I’m losing about 2,000 visitors a month as some of my most popular posts were in that time. Does anyone have any idea what could have happened here? Site is http://www.collegefootballcafeteria.com if that is important.