WordPress Search: Define specific keywords, link them to an individuall page

Hi WPDEVMU-Community,

I’m looking for a solution for a special search feature. Maybe someone of you got a hint, how to do this or has a plugin recommendation :slight_smile:

I want to create a search, which works in two ways.

Way 1: I want to define some very important keywords. If somebody is searching for them, the user should be redirect to an individual defined page, instead of showing search results.


Keyword “matchA” is defined by admin with an individual landing URL. User enters keyword “matchA”, he starts the “search” and will be redirect to the defined page.

Way 2: If there is no match with an specific defined keyword, the “usual” WordPress search should be started and user sees the result page.

Has someone a good idea how to solve this? I’m very grateful for every answer :slight_smile: