WordPress Site Monitor

Does anyone have any suggestions for a plugin or website that monitors multiple single site installs of WordPress from one central location?

I’ve used https://wpremote.com/ before and continue to use but it’s not open to new account sign ups.

http://managewp.com/ was showing great promise and I tested it quite a bit but they’ve recently released a very high pricing strategy which makes the product unaffordable.

http://status.ms/ looks like it could do the trick but seems to be very new and unsure which direction it’s heading, at least two different versions of the site and looks like they’re still trying to agree what their offer is.

Code Canyon used to have a plugin that gave you a single page which displayed a status box for each site you added displayed in a nice grid so it was really useful to get an overview of what you wanted. This isn’t available any more and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation as to why. This looked like the best solution to me.

Basically I need to see WP version number and colour code as to whether it is up to date or not. And then a list of plugins that need updating on that site. As a bonus seeing comments awaiting moderation would be handy but not essential.

Some of the plugins above give you the ability to 1 click update from the control panel without having to visit the site itself. This wouldn’t be necessary.

We’d need it to monitor 100+ client sites.