wordpress site using multiple themes

Is it possible to build a site using multiple themes without creating sub-sites. so for each page I want a different layout and there isn’t a theme out there that has all the features I need so I need to use a few themes one for each page. I don’t want to do separate WordPress installations as I would eventually want to enable it to be a multi site with prosite and buddy press enabled so eventually building a niche social community network, but the main site needs to be built from different themes, so for example videos page will need a theme that supports videos and layout just videos, a page for photos and a page for a market, so that for example if someone uploads a video from their profile it gets pulled on the videos page. I know I can use categories but I won’t different layout and features for each page which can not all be found in one theme. I hope what I wrote makes since sorry for any confusion.

Any help would be much appreciated. and thank you in advance