wordpress sites not working correctly with google high contrast extension

I have support access on for: http://www.rockdaledems.org/

i'm using the google high contrast extension for chrome which you can see here:

The site jumps in and out of high contrast mode and normal mode even though it is set to high contrast mode.


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello cornelius_butler

    I have just installed that extension on Chrome (recent release on Windows 10) and the site behaved well for me: it was instantly switched to high contrast mode and stayed that way upon scrolling and going through the pages.

    Do you have some other extensions installed in your browser and if so, did you try to turn them off to see if that helps?

    Are you using latest Chrome and is it on PC or Mac?

    Would you be able to record a short video screencast showing the issue the way you see it, please?

    It might also be good to actually get in touch with extension developers/creators as they might be better able to diagnose the issue. It's very unlikely the WordPress itself is a culprit here as what the extension seems to be doing is just adjusting CSS of the site "on the fly" so if it's not doing that well, it would be an "extension issue" rather than the site issue (where most likely extension is not able to handle properly some parts of the CSS code or is affected by some JS on site).

    Kind regards,

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