WordPress Sports CMS Plugin/Addon

Was trying to find the WPMU uservoice forum and see it’s not longer available so I thought I would drop my idea here as I know I had seen it over there at one time. Ill keep it short and not go into as much detail as I did over there but….

I’ve been trying to find a sports related wordpress plugin for years. I’ve seen such offerings as LeagueManager and PHPLeague and tested both but feel they don’t offer everything whats needed (tough to use for North American sports) as well both seem to have been either stopped entirely on development or slowed.

I’ve used online offerings (esportsdesk,SportNGIN) for such services but because of my love for WordPress and the potential ad revenue Im losing from my sites I always come back to it’s system and either pull in a data feed that’s provided or just externally link to where league stats are being hosted.

I think the ability to have a potential multisite plugin which could track teams, games, standings, scoring (possibly) and possible players down the road would be a wonderful thing for leagues, teams and associations. Combined with WordPresses wonderful blogging and added features it would make it one amazing plugin.

I dont know how many people agree but there is a large community starving for such a plugin in the future. For all the added plugins and addons WordPress offers I’m shocked one such as this doesn’t exist. I think most customers in this market would be willing to either pay a high one time fee for such service or low monthly service for the system.

I currently pay $450 a year for one such service that doesn’t provide any design access to my site and they have hundreds of customers (at least) so there is certainly a market for it.