wordpress stoped me to add links to the menu and also add widget to the widget areas

something wired happened to my wordpress site and I hope you can help me in figuring out what can cause the issue.
I am running the Multisite and some how when I add a widget to a sidebar or a widget area the widget does not show up and if I go back to the appearance/widget page the widget I added does not show as saved and I have the old set up of the widgets area. A similar problem is happening with the menu. I can not add new links to the menu. This problems started after I switch form a normal installation to a Multisite (to use Marketpress and is "Like eatsy" functionality).
Is it possible that I have limitations in place for adding menu items or widget for the site I added to the multisite?? I am sign in as superadministrator so that should not be an issue, or maybe I have set the site with some limitation and I have no idea on where to set does thing.
thanks for your help hope that you can help me in figuring out the problem and how to solve it.

  • anotherluca

    Hi joe,
    I find out that the problem was caused buy your membership plugin. When I deactivate it the wp back-end start to work again allowing me to add items to the menu and widgets to the widget area. So I probably set the membership plugin in the wrong way giving me not enough privilege, but I thought that a super admin it would always access to everything and every tools, isn't it?
    Do you have any advice for me at this point? I will look more in depth into the documentation again.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Luca,

    Thank you for letting me know what you found to be causing your issue.

    With Membership one must be careful to first check who the first super admin is and log in as that super admin, activating Membership, and then only that admin unless otherwise permission-ed --> Membership --> Options --> Membership Admins can access the Membership settings.

    Hopefully with that tip and the documentation including the manual you will be all set.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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