WordPress user roles issue with manage_options

We are trying to set up the default WordPress EDITOR user role to be able to edit/manage Coursepress Pro.

The problem is, we do not allow EDITORS to access the default WordPress SETTINGS menu in the admin area – so we disable it by turning off the ability to ‘manage_options’ for this user role.

It seems that when we deny access to this for all EDITORS, it also denies them the ability to edit Courses in Coursepress Pro as well. They are now only limited to viewing the courses and not editing or managing them.

Could this be correct? Coursepress is using the default WordPress manage_options for their plugin so we cannot ever hide/disable access to all of the WordPress SETTINGS without denying access to an user managing Coursepress courses?

Seems a bit crazy, so think we may have something wrong?

At the end of the day, editors should NOT get access to WordPress default settings, but SHOULD get access to editing courses, right?

Any help appreciated.