wordpress user synchronization plugin operational details

I have two WP sites currently installed:
- Site A is a Multisite install
- Site B is a Single Site install
- Both sites use SSL

Currently, all user profiles are stored on the Multisite install and the Single Site install is a No-Login Site (except for the Admin).

What I want to do is automatically sync the User Accounts stored on the Multisite to the User Account file on the Single Site and have all changes made to the Multisite accounts automatically synced to the single site.

Will this plugin do what I want?

How much of a lag, if any, would there be in the sync taking place?

  • Nastia

    Hello Dennis ,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV community!

    Yes, you can achieve this with the WordPress User Sync plugin. Install the plugin on both sites. Set the multisite site as a Master site and a single site as a Slave site.

    On a single site, once you click on "Connect this site to the Master Site, and do a FULL synchronization." it will synchronize all users, and from now on the sites will be automatically sync once a new user signs up to a multisite.

    On the plugin's usage page you may find how to set up a plugin.

    If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them!


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