Wordpress Website Content & Design Documentation Solution

I am looking for an overall solution to design, plan and manage my Wordpress / BuddyPress / bbPress membership website. Specifically something similar to an automap, but that I don't have to create from scratch, or that at least is designed for this. I only have this one site, but it is pretty complex, so I would love a partial automated solution (that connects and finds page and URL updates for example) - and I have only found a couple things near to what I want and they cost a lot. Really looking for a free or very cheap solution since just this site.

I can see a lot of ways this could be formatted to be useful, but if I can't find one I will just use a mindmap because that will give me the picture I need.

Here are some details.

* All Pages and Posts, that I can rearrange logically based on content type (like having shaded background under certain pages).
* Ability to somehow mark membership levels.
* Document the user experience, and flow between membership levels.
* An updated list of plugins, where I can write general functionality.
* Big Picture of the Website, such as main software, hosting, users, etc.
* Future Design/Integration Plans and Desirable Functionality to Add
* List of bugs, perhaps connected to where the source might be.
* Content strategy and future posts.

I was planning on just using Coggle, since I do love that mindmapping software, but if there isn't something designed for this does anyone know if there is MindMap software that was designed in part to document what I was talking about, because I can already guess some areas in Coggle that won't allow me to do what I want.

Thanks! Dave