Wordpress, WHMCS, WHMCS MU Provisioning, WHMCS WP Integration & Pro Sites compatibility


I hope you can help me with some questions I have about a few of your plug-ins.

Before I ask you any questions, I'd like to outline what we're trying to achieve:

We are building a WP blog network site called ithinQ Media, which would provide both free and paid accounts. The free account would be either a subdomain or subdirectory, e.g. http://www.ithinqmedia.com/USERNAME or USERNAME.ithinqmedia.com. The user has the option to upgrade their site to paid & get a domain name for their blog.

Premium themes & plug-ins would also be available to the user.

So far, we have set up WHMCS, Wordpress MU with WHMCS MU Provisioning & WHMCS Integration on our Heart Internet resellers account.

We may be replacing our Heart Internet reseller's account with a VPS on another provider. WHMCS requires a special Heart Internet module ( http://docs.whmcs.com/Heart_Internet ) to communicate with H.I. which you need to enable in the 'Setup > Products/Services > Servers settings' as well as the package modules I believe, which WHMCS MU Provisioning also requires for it's own module. It's either / or as far as we can see, you can't use WHMCS with WHMCS MU Provisioning on Heart Internet.

We are looking for a solution which would allow us to automate a user signing up, being assigned hosting space & a domain name (pro-site) or subdirectory (free account), have Wordpress them set up as a site on our WP blog network & have access to various site upgrades such as premium, plug-ins, themes, more hosting space etc.

It feels like we need a blend of Pro-Sites, WHMCS Provisioning & WHMCS Integration to achieve what we need.

If you know of a way that this would be possible on Heart Internet (we're not sure if you still need to use the Heart Internet module if we upgrade to a VPS with H.I.), then please let us know.

Any helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated.

In case you need them, our WPMU Dev

Many thanks,

Ben (on behalf of Brian Collingwood).