Wordpress Widget to Display List of Moodle Courses

I have created a neat little widget that will display a list of Moodle courses for a teacher. This is a small but extremely useful widget for teachers who use Wordpress for public communication and Moodle for private classroom instruction.

Basically you add the widget and then give it a Moodle username in the settings panel for the widget. It will connect to your moodle database and return a list of courses with direct links for each course which the username is a teacher of.

See it in action here: http://iblog.dearbornschools.org/webmaster

You can also follow further developments at Moodle.org:

I should point out that it does require a hard code connection to the Moodle database preferably with a MySQL user that has only read access. These hard codes are clearly commented and easy to find in the code.

Enjoy. As an educational user of wordpress and moodle this has been on the "WANT LIST" for a long time.