Work flow and Plugins the best order to install

Good day! We are glad we found WPMU as it has all the solutions we are looking for. Before installing anything we needed some advice as to how to accomplish a certain type of workflow and here are the details.

We need to export our users (14,000+) from Ning to our new wordpress site so we will be using your Ning to Buddypress Plugin for that.

However we need to get certain things established before we do this in order to figure out which should come first.

The new site will have a free membership so users have access to all basic material however it will also be Membership based having a 9 stage curriculum based system the allows access to pages that contain content for each of these levels. So we will be using the Membership Plugin for that.

Here is our biggest concern however and an issue we ran in to when using another plugin called Restrict Content Pro (RCP). We need to direct all users to the "Sign Up" page if they are not logged in when they try to access most pages on the site, besides the store and the blog.

Users must then sign up to gain access and then we would like to "approve" those members even for free membership before they are able to fully sign in. Do you have a solution for this?

Lastly we need all imported users, which will be done at once, to have basic free membership without us having to manually enter all of those members in to the membership or content restricting plugins designated area.

To explain that further when we installed RCP it required that we manually enter all users in for a second time in to the plugin if we had added them manually from the backend. These were members that did not use the plugins sign up form since we entered them manually on our end.

To simplify this as this can be a bit confusing. We just need to export our members from Ning. Have options for 9 different types of memberships. Restrict content on various pages. Redirect non logged in users to a sign up page when trying to access certain pages or have a message displayed when they try to access others such as "you need to have a level 6 membership to access this page". We would also like to have a manual final approval process for new sign ups, this final step is not mandatory but preferred. Thank you so much for your attention in this matter we are looking forward to hearing back from you.