Workaround for PDF indexing (using search to locate text within pdfs uploaded to wordpress)

I have been searching for weeks for a way to fill a client need. They had a site with many pdf training documents for their employees. They wanted the search to search the name of each document and also the text within each document. I have looked high and low for a plugin that would work. I even tried the Custom Google Search and it did not work so I am posting my workaround for this. I have tested it on two sites and it has worked each time. It would be great if wpmudev could come up with a plugin that has this function. I did find one but it was very expensive.

Problem: Need to use wordpress search to find text within uploaded pdf files.

Step 1. Upload your pdf(s)
Step 2. Under the description of each pdf paste

Click the link above to view PDF <!-- PDFDOCUMENTTEXT -->

Step 3. Copy the text from the pdf and paste it in the above in place of PDFDOCUMENTTEXT
Step4. Install Search Everything plugin and activate
Your searches should now return results that include the text within the pdfs.

If anyone else knows of a better way to do this please let me know.