Working on a better plugin search engine (would love feedback)

Hey folks,

After years of fighting with the plugin search engine, I decided that I had had enough. I’m working on a search engine that should produce much better results, and will offer a number of sorting/filtering options. Right now I’ve indexed about 7000 of the most popular plugins, so it should be able to produce some good results, but I plan on indexing them all shortly. There are also a bunch of features that need to get finished (it has no error handling, for example, so if there are no results you’ll just get a blank page), and it’s only been tested in the most modern versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

That said, it’s at a point where I’d love some feedback from fellow WordPress users, and I thought this might be a good place to look for that feedback. Right now it’s sorted by my “secret sauce” algorithm that takes search relevance and weighted popularity into consideration. Eventually you’ll be able to sort by a number of fields.

So, how do you feel my results compare with searches for the same keywords?

Also, what features would you like to see in a WordPress plugin search engine? Are there any filters that I haven’t mentioned the the filter panel?

Take a look: