Working setup for HBP and KeyCDN

I am looking for anyone that has hands on experience getting hummmigbird and keyCDN working on a multisite network. I have been doing trial and error for 2 days.

I am still using hummingbird pro CDN and smush pro CDN and want to keep doing that and no I don’t want to use cloudflare.

I am getting files, that each serve, from smush cdn and hb cdn respectively just fine. and are sending files.

HBP does not serve pages cached in the wphb-cache/cache. Those come from my server and in turn I am trying to get them to the keycdn servers.

So I don’t know if hummingbird pro is hiding files my server is serving from the CDN enabler plugin or if CDN enabler plugin does not find the files in the directories. The pages are served just fine. But there are no hits on files in the wphb-cache/cache shown in the realtime log of keycdn. Nor do i see keycdn when I do a devtools->source showing where pages are coming from but do see smushcdn and hp.wpmucdn and a few theme related files coming from (keycdn).

It is really simple to set up.
do it yourself. set a 3 site multisite, add hummingbird PRO, smush pro and CDN Enabler (from keycdn). Thats it. Now get the settings correct on sites and keycdn server..

Specifically, getting the directories right and keycdn to use them using their CDN enabler plugin

My main issue is not getting “wphb-cache/cache” files to keycdn.

Keycdn tells me:
“The directories listed in the Included Directories setting will rewrite all files in and below that directory.”

So having “wp-content/wphb-cache” as a path should work but it does not get any of the files. I have tried putting in the complete paths but that does not work.

So my guess is that HB and CDN plugin not working together or CDN plugin has a bug. But I can’t tell at this point.