Who's the best WP hosting ?

Hello world,
Thinking of switching to WPMU here
Currently hosted at GoDaddy and wondering :
WHO would you recommend to host multiple sites, and WHY ?
Thanks for all contribution

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Steven!

    Are you looking for managed WordPress hosting or a more general host?
    How many sites do you need to host?
    What are your requirements for bandwidth/hardware?
    Do you need a great support team at your host, or can you manage a lot of server-related issues on your own?
    What are your budgetary concerns?
    Are your sites simple (heavy on text, low on plugins and bells/whistles) or complex (all the whistles and bells, multimedia, lots of intensive plugins)?

    The answers to these questions can help you hone in on your particular specifications, and that can go a long way in helping you find your new host. If you love Host A's services, for example, but know their price is out-of-scope, you can easily mark them off the list.

    We can also help a bit more if we have a better idea of what you need from your host. :slight_smile:

  • Steven

    Hi Michelle, thanks for the fast reply,

    Basically, I want to become "Super Admin" because I have +/- 30 sites to manage
    Some sites are complex, while majority are simple ...
    General Host is more appropriate
    *what's the advantages of a managed hosting, despite of backup's solution ?

    Requirements ? None specific, I'll say basic general
    Host Support ? High in the priority list
    $ Concerns ? None, just started researching & evaluating

    A's services ? Who's A's ?
    Thanks, later

  • Ash

    Hello @Steven

    I hope you are well today.

    A wordpress managed hosting is only dedicated to wordpress, you won't be able to host any other type of application. Well, you can but the way is complex. When you don't need anything other than wordpress, and you are not a server expert, managed hosting like WP Engine is a good solution.

    If you want full control over your server, you can try Digital Ocean. Their support is good too.

    For normal hosting, you can go with hostgator, hostmonster etc. They offers unlimited space (not unlimited exactly) and let you host unlimited domains, you can check that out too.

    About A's service, I believe Michelle just set an example :slight_smile:


  • atouchofsummer

    Last fall, I had to move a very large site off of dedicated hosting (service was closing down), and I chose siteground.com in an emergency situation, and that turned out to be the worst choice I'd made in a while (the site has 10 years of posts & comments, and a database over 100Mb). I worked with them for nearly 2 months to resolve the many issues that cropped up after I moved my site there, but in the end, I moved that site to another dedicated server somewhere else.

    Siteground support is very responsive, but for the most part a lot of their suggestions never resolved the resource limit issues that site kept bumping into (not even after I upgraded to a beefier level hosting option at their suggestion).

    So if you have a smaller site, they might be the perfect choice. But if you have a large site, or a site you expect to scale up to being a larger site, keep in mind how much they will limit resource usage (CPU, memory, database size, etc).

    For the record, I moved to Siteground over a weekend because I had a problem moving that site to Hostgator, and HG locked my site out for resource use overage 6 hours after I moved it there (after creating a new hosting account they had suggested based on site stats I'd provided... they missed badly on that one). I had no idea that at the time Hostgator no longer responded to trouble tickets on weekends... ever since last June, it's been taking them 5 days to respond.

    I'm also currently moving all my client sites off of one HG server onto another host, because it took them over a month to acknowledge there was a bad route plaguing traffic getting to the sites on that server. I could prove to them where traffic had dropped off by 50%, but for a month all they would tell me was "optimize your WordPress installation", or "reboot your cable modem because it's a DNS issue"... despite me providing them with proof that it was a router in their UT datacenter that was wonky.

    They finally believed me when a friend of mine who's a network architect on the East Coast did a traffic analysis that I sent to them that the looked into the problem, and confirmed that it was exactly what I said it was 6 weeks prior.

    So I'm not keeping all my eggs in their basket anymore :slight_smile: For two years I defended them in the face of growing complaints, but not anymore. I've moved a bunch of sites back to Media Temple (their improvements over the past two years have eliminated a lot of the performance issues I experienced with them which caused me to leave there in the first place... so I'm going back, despite any misgivings I have that they were bought last year by GoDaddy).

    I know some people who like A Small Orange, and Digital Ocean. I'm concerned because Hostgator support and performance started going downhill after EIG bought them, but EIG now owns A Small Orange, and also Arvixe. I'd personally avoid anything managed by EIG, that they've moved to their UT datacenter, but that seems to be getting harder and harder to do.

    Sorry for the TL;DR :slight_smile:

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