Would be great to be able to use newsletter plugin to send latest posts/category of posts

I would love to be able to have users/visitors sign up to have latest posts or posts from a category to be sent to them on a set schedule using the newsletter plugin.

I guess that's 2 things - posts and a schedule facility.

  • Tom Eagles


    Currently this isn't possible without some custom coding, I am tagging the developer @Maniu as a feature request, The only way i could think of doing this would be to create a custom e newsletter template and autopopulate it with the latest posts. I will defer to the developer on how easy that would be to do, i know its possible but how difficult it would be to implement I am not sure of,.


  • Maniu

    Hello @ChrisMc

    Features like this are requested from time to time so the chance of it to appear in our plugin is getting bigger but currently you can have just part of this functionality - visual builder supports shortcodes so you can email latest posts generated with shortcodes manually from time to time if you like.

    There is even simple function build in - [recent-posts] but feel free to look around for something more advanced that would fit your needs better!


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