Would like featured image eliminated or centered instead of to the left in desk top mode

Good day to you great folks! Ok, so I have a multisite, pro site config, with buddypress. On one of my sites, I have blogs mu theme and I love it. I also just recently added the wiziapp plugin.

The combination is so great - my mobile view is awesome. Except for 2 things.

First of all, I have not used featured images as I post, because I want to put images where I want to put them. I like my title showing up first.

I also have the blogsmu settings showing that I do not want featured images showing in the blogs digest.

Ok, so in the mobile view, random images from the post are picked up and shown - some don't make sense out of context. So, I went into the posts and added the images I wanted shown as featured images.

Now they look great on mobile view, not so hot on desktop view. They are showing up before the tiltle aligned left.

My question is this: do you have a snippet of code that I can add to "my custom css" that will either:

1) remove it from desktop view altogether - but not mobile
2) failing that center it in the post?
3) but leave the mobile view the same as it is now

Secondly, is there anyway to eliminate the tags showing up under the title? Do I have a setting wrong, or can I get a bit of code to make them go away?

I have given access to the site: http://www.iempoweruonlineentrepreneur.com

Thank you very much in advance! Linda @iempoweru