Would like the check out the plugin before buying... is there a demo site available?

I'm definitely VERY interested in Appointments+ because seriously nothing else out there seems to be as robust as your offering or as cleanly integrated.

I have a couple of questions:

I have a client that's wanting to use this for 'facilities' management. Basically they have a 24 hour commercial kitchen and they need to book 'time' but also 'resources'. In looking at the beta version of the plugin, I could create a list of services:

1 Hour Kitchen Time, 2 Hour Kitchen Time, etc. up to 6 hour Kitchen time and with your ability to also limit the amount of those at the same time, we can keep it so only 6 folks can be in the kitchen at once. I'd like to allow them to add a 'service' of Oven 2 hour block, etc. and have that scheduled concurrently. We only have 3 ovens, so it should validate that resource separately of the kitchen time. I guess to go with the beauty salon concept, you only have one coloring station, but you have 5 stations for haircuts. Or maybe we treat each oven as a service provider and (that gives time) and they book the time with the oven. Sorry brainstorming a bit here:

Does your plugin allow someone to pick multiple services for an appointment and book them at the same time? Or with multiple service providers at the location? That would accommodate what I'm looking for above.