Would someone please show me how to turn off the default


Would someone please show me how to turn off the default Wordpress comments but allow Facebook comments?

Right now I have Facebook comments allowed but I don't know how to remove Wordpress comments.

If I turn comments off for a particular page in "quick edit", the Facebook comments are removed as well.

See this page as an example:


Thank you

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    Hello there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    What are the settings on your Facebook plugin and WordPress comments ?

    Can you kindly give me screenshots of the same so that I can test it accordingly ?

    This is how it should work.

    You disable WordPress comments first
    You setup the Facebook comments in the plugin settings
    Create a new post and see if the comments are working fine.

    Please note that the changes only apply on the new posts which are created after making changes. So whenever you test, make sure that you create a new post to test.

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    I now have FB comments on, and wordpress comments off. Under "quick edit" comments is turned "on".

    If I turn comments "off", FB comments disappear.

    However, I wish to remove what you see in this screenshot from this page. To do this, i must turn off comments under "quick edit", but to do so turns off FB comments.

    How can I get rid of what you see in screenshot below without losing FB comments?

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    I figured it out. I turned off comments in quick edit and then put the code for the FB comment plugin directly into the page and header.php.

    That is another great way of doing it :slight_smile:

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