Would this be a javascript error?

I've been setting up wpmu for a company and can only load widgets like Google Friend Connect and the feedburner opt-in box on the main blog.

The opt-in box for feedburner only displays the links and not the box.

I'm sure it might be a plugin, but I have cross checked so many times and cant figure out which one would be causing this.

Any idea how to troubleshoot this?



  • drmike

    Not sure what exactly you;re doing here. Sounds like you're either installing these widgets as plugins or you;re trying to copy and paste code into a text widget.

    If it's a plugin install, links to the specific plugins would be helpful.

    If you;re copying pasting, wpmu is set up to strip out all javascript, form and embed codes as a security measure. Without such it;s pretty much child's play to hack one of these sites. If you want to allow it for all users, give this plugin a try:


    Do remember that if you run an open site, that's a major security risk.

    If you want to allow it for just the site admin, please give this a try:

    (Oh, I can't find it. Someone have a link?)

    Do remember though that even though this is for site admin only, the last few security issues with wpmu allowed endusers to get site admin access so hacking may still be possible with this plugin.

    And if this isn't it, more specific details would be welcomed.

    Hope this helps,

  • georgef

    Thanks DrMike...

    Yes, I was copy/pasting the code and installing them as widgets.

    I initially thought that it was a plugin causing this, as the widgets work on the main site, but not the user blogs.

    Wasn't aware that wpmu strips out all javascripts and forms.

    Mmm, what to do about then about opt in boxes, etc?

    I see there are plugins for aweber and icontact, do they also have a major security risk?

    Being quite new to wpmu, in your opinion, do you find that this restricts you from adding great plugins that works with standard wordpress for example?

    Thanks again,


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