Would you consider developing a robust email to blog plugin like Posterous?

One of the features I would like to see developed for MU is updating blogs by email with full multimedia capabilities.

Ideally, people would be able to email their blog at a unique address, and it would post to a section of the site. If they included an image, it would embedded it. If they included multiple images, it would add a slide show. If they included an audio file, it would embedded a player, and the same for video. If they add a document, it would add a link to download the document.

Why is this such an important feature? Because people want dead simple blogging. And email is as simple as you can get, everyone knows how to email.

If we could add a plugin in our MU networks that operated similarly to Posterous or Tumblr, it would really help us market our MU projects and grow them.

I found a plugin that is trying to do something similar to this, but development seems to have been stopped. And there was no mention of MU compatibility.

Would your team consider developing a robust, email to blog system to compete with sites like Posterous and Tumblr?

I even tried the Posterous to WordPress hook to update sites. It works well, but Posterous strips out all the multimedia capabilities, and that is a huge selling point. People don’t want to figure out how to add photos, audio, video, documents. But they will use a service if they can just email the attachments and the rest is taken care of for them.