Would you help me with my navigation flow using wpmu w/ Network Theme?

Ok. I really need help with this. My site, tutuology.com is a marketplace and business platform for the girlie-girl couture industry. 1. I want the front page to feature my shops (or at least product). 2. I would like the search feature to offer member, product, or shop name search-ability. 3. In the Menu, under "Blog", I would like my visitors to be taken to my business blog (which is currently integrated already throughout my site once beyond the landing index page). I don't want this. I want my business blog completely separate. 4. I would like a list of categories and shops to appear on the main landing index page (like etsy.com) so visitors can get right to shopping around on the landing page.

Currently, Tutuology IS my blog, but I want my blog to be in the background and the marketplace to be in the foreground.

Can I get any takers for this tall order? TIA :slight_smile: xoxo