Would you say that non-active plugins in the network (multisite side) negatively affect...


Would you say that non-active plugins in the network (multisite side) negatively affect side speed on the subsites?

1. non-active on the network and the subsite...

2. non-active on the network and active on the subsite...

Either way etc.

***Do you know of a good plugin that can actually move non-active plugins to a non-active dead folder (just for reference and future potential use...for example:

Dead folder: Archive
Dead folder: Someday
Dead folder: Interesting (check out later)

  • Vaughan

    Hi Greg,

    Hope you're well?

    If the plugins are not activated, either network or on a subsite, then they will have no impact on the site at all.

    A network activated plugin, will have more impact than an plugin activated on only a specific subsite, this is because that plugin is then active on all subsites, and all users of each subsite that are viewing/using that site will cause it to be loaded up in memory which impacts on server resources.

    A plugin activated just on a subsite will still have some impact on the server resources, however not as much as a network activated plugin, because it will only have impact when people are viewing/using the subsite that it is activated on, so less impact than network activated.

    This is one reason we always say, if you aren't using a plugin or do not absolutely need a plugin, then you should not install or activate it.

    I do not know of any plugins that can do as you ask with regards to moving plugins, and as mentioned above, you then have another plugin installed which is using resources.

    Hope this helps

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