WP 3.0 with IIS 7.5

Hello everybody

I'm working closely with a hosting provider daily for my regular clients. Right now I'm working on a website for myself, using WP 3.0 multisite.

It's giving me lots of problems, and hope anybody can assist in getting it to work proberly.

It's running on Windows 2008 Server with IIS 7.5 and the http://www.micronovae.com/ModRewrite/ModRewrite.html?gclid=CKvdkObZs6ICFRArDgodgA1U5w for mod_rewrite.

The problems:

After install, I can surf around a couple of pages, maybe 6-10 different pages and request, and then it suddenly shows a HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

That is the main concern.

Other concerns are trouble getting wildcard domains to work as well.

Was hoping somebody have some experience getting it to run well on an IIS server.
I have tons of other Wordpress sites running on the same server, without problems. But perhaps the Multisite function ads some technicals to it that makes it a bit harder.

Thanks in advance