WP 3.1 vs Crowd Fusion

I was just about getting used to having a small selection of cms's to use, although not perfect, they could do the job. WP for simple blogging and more developed sites, tumblr for quick easy to setup sites, drupalgardens for microsites.

I then stumble across CrowdFusion.com on http://www.crowdfusion.com/news/2010/03/03/crowd-fusion-nytech-meetup-presentation/

A good site using this as an example is obsessable.com. Another good site is TheDaily.com which is very impressive.

So, my proposal is with wp3.1, can it step up to the mark of these more flexible structures/features and create site that are not just easy to setup, but can also be as flexible enough to bend in almost any direction possible?

The comparison option on Obsessable is WOW, along with many other features. this aint a plug for SF, but just merely a request for wpmudev top show how flexible they can make wp become with 3.1 and beyond.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hello sagar,

    Interesting stuff, for sure. Especially interesting is that a key point in the video was Crowd Fusion's comparison to Drupal, which would seem to me to be its real competition rather than WordPress, as WordPress seems to have dominated its target market of blogging.

    But I'm totally with you in wanting to see WordPress have the flexibility of either of Crowd Fusion or Drupal. Though I'm admittedly particular to Drupal after having tinkered with it quite a bit (and like you, I've used Drupal Gardens too!).

    That said, I believe CustomPress presents a great advance in that direction. And I think MarketPress, the Classifieds and Directory plugins are great presentations of the potential it has in helping to move WordPress beyond the blogging paradigm.


  • sagar
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey David,

    Thank you for your contribution here. It is great to have your view of other CMS systems from inside WPMU.

    It is also reassuring to hear your confidence and excitement about CustomPress and other plugins. This gives me hope for future releases.

    Talking to a Drupal dev a few weeks ago who was laying up the structured and flexi dynamics of Drupal over WP, I began to wonder how good a card player Matt Mullenweg is? Has he got a secret card up his sleeve detailing the super transformation of WP into a system to have more flexibility to handle more strucutures?

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