WP access ... via detour possible only

Valued Support-Team,

as often recommended by you professionals we finally moved away from shared web hosting to a VPS solution.

Did with the best of our abilities the server configuration and as it seems we are able continuing our work based on VPS... to state straight away: You guy's are right... obviously multi-db issues we experienced are finally gone.

NOW we have one issue and can't figure out how to solve that which is:

On shared hosting we could after login in to server click on cPanel, next the button INSTALL WORD PRESS a new window popped up, scrolling to the bottom to login to our existing web application as super admin... in order to continue our job.

On VPS after login to the server, click on cPanel, INSTALL WORD PRESS a new window pops up, BUT instead of login to our existing web application as super admin... there is a request to install and setup an entire new WP application...

On VPS after server login instead clicking on cPanel there is the option WEBSITES... clicking on that,also with the option INSTALL WORD PRESS a new window pops up, scrolling to the bottom to login to our existing web application as super admin... in order to continue our job... is possible.

It would be so fabulous if you expert could help us with the VPS configuration to enable our wp login to existing applicationvia cPanel by clicking/entering the same steps as before on shared hosting.

VPS Server direct access will be forwarded on request.

Thank you very much in advance.

  • Jude

    Hey Prinz

    Im not sure if adding an already installed site under cPanel > Websites is possible. Its because the guys who installed the VPS chose the manual route and installed WP.

    I spoke to BlueHost who said it was a known issue and they will fix it soon. See screenshot

    1) I checked settings on the site and made a few edits and checked if everything was fine
    2) I manually increased memory both for WP as well as your PHP handler
    3) I set the max_exec_time to 180 so your scripts wont time out now

    4) Please can you open a new ticket for this as I am not sure how Jose fixed this earlier its best if he does it again otherwise it may take too much time to investigate again the whole issue. I will flag Jose in your new ticket.


  • Klaus

    Hello Jude,

    we appreciate and value very much your kind support. Please take our deeply felt gratitude for all your help and efforts you do for us.

    Regards 4) we will do as recommended.

    Also it's so kind of you too, being in direct contact with Bluehost. Please advice what to do with the "work around in the mean time" and how. The "detour access version" does not work any more too... [has definitely nothing to do with your kind support as we recognized 'no wp access access via detour' at the same time last Wednesday, when requesting support from wpmu dev].

    Looking forward hearing from you soon.
    Once again, BIG thanks for all and everything!

  • Klaus

    Good morning Jude,

    please help... advice us what we can do in our situation. Unfortunately Bluehost does not respond at all; you were so kind informing us about the known problem within bluehost.

    We still have no access and are highly desperate simply for the fact no having a clue how to get ever access to our application again.

    Please, please - let me urge you - help us out. Please help us having access again, anyhow.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • Klaus

    Dear Jude,
    we are wondering how can be an outstanding support be rated adequately having just one smile face?
    I personally (of course no less my team mates) wish to express not only our thank you... far above: with sincere and utmost gratitude and undeviating trust we know the day won't be far to pass on to you appropriately our acknowledgment for all your help you give to us.

    For today (it's not just words) in short:

    We rate you simply spoken with outstanding, exemplary... and of course also highly reliable.

    Big thanks!
    Deeply Grateful Prinz

  • Klaus

    Hi Jude,
    sorry... but we do have to ask,

    - which effect has 'disabling the user defined Apache handler within our new VPS environment?'
    - Would you have a clue for how long we can live with this 'work around' solution?
    - which are the correct steps to do to get wp via cpanel working like before?

    Of course, instead of making you busy we researched to find answers to above questions, but (as you know already) we can't really transfer to our situation what is explained in the web, which is:

    Most WordPress hosting providers use Apache as their web server software. However, WP can run on other web server software as well. Wondering what the heck is a web server? Well a web server is like a restaurant host. When you arrive in a restaurant, the host greets you, checks your booking information and takes you to your table. Similar to the restaurant host, the web server checks for the web page you have requested and fetches it for your viewing pleasure. However, A web server is not just your host but also your server. Once it has found the web page you requested, it also serves you the web page. A web server like Apache, is also the Maitre D’ of the restaurant. It handles your communications with the website (the kitchen), handles your requests, makes sure that other staff (modules) are ready to serve you. It is also the bus boy, as it cleans the tables (memory, cache, modules) and clears them for new customers.

    So basically a web server is the software that receives your request to access a web page. It runs a few security checks on your HTTP request and takes you to the web page. Depending on the page you have requested, the page may ask the server to run a few extra modules while generating the document to serve you. It then serves you the document you requested. Pretty awesome isn’t it.

    Like always we do appreciate highly if you can find plain words making us aware about the current status of our VPS.


  • Jude

    Hey Prinz

    Thanks again for your kind words, I saw this just as I was wrapping up for the week and appreciate it.

    Anyway let me answer your questions

    1) The Workaround
    This has nothing to do with Apache. The work around is for being able to access your site via cPanel.

    I don't know when it will be fixed .. but your Host and MOJO are aware of it and working on it.

    For now you need to go here to log in ...


    This is the work around they told me in the chat :smiley: .. I found it funny they called it a workaround too.

    2) The Fix

    I logged in and disabled the user defined Apache handler.

    This is something I did because you site was configured wrongly. Whenever you visit the site a download starts with a PHP file ..

    This means Apache was serving PHP instead of processing it and serving HTML.

    I went in and reconfigured it and fixed it so it works fine

    Finally the status of your VPS is good. My advice is don't add anything unless its absolutely necessary. Also create a test site to try things out and once they are ready (sure to work) move them to the VPS.


  • Klaus

    Hello Jude,

    may I assume that the email I received from provider relates to the correspondence you had on our behalf. Please, be so kind dealing with that once again.

    [bluehost - Jeremy] wrote...

    Re: [#SHM-60686-668] Contact me: Database Issues (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
    Bluehost Support Team <support@bluehost.com>

    Thank you for contacting support. I am sorry you are having this problem.
    Please provide as many details as you can about the issue(s) you have experienced.
    With every issue, we must try to replicate the problem on our end. Many times, this also requires us to log in to your account/email/website.

    Can you please provide the following information for us?

    A description of the issue you have experienced and the steps to replicate the issue:
    Any login details required to replicate the issue:
    Any login details required to login as an administrator:
    Any error message you have received:

    Thank you,
    Level II Site/Script Compatibility

    Many, many thanks upfront.
    Kind regards

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