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Wow. New look here :slight_smile:. Thought i was at the wrong site!

Q: I am trying to recreate a WP site from server A to Server B. The wp site on Server A I have access as admin ONLY to the WP-ADMIN. On server B I only have access to the WP files via my hosting company for server B -so i can see all the files in file manager.

The twit that built my site on server A has vanished – with my money and an unfinished project.

So I need to access my WP-ADMIN files on server B -but i have no password for that site :slight_frown:

Am I clear?


  • 3SixtyEvolve
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    Hi John

    Thank you for the positive feedback re the new look :slight_smile:

    I get furious when web developers do that – leave a client hanging and they don’t have the decency to clean up and follow through. I understand your frustration…

    So you have access only to the WP Admin of Site A and you need to put the site on Site B, for which you don’t have a WP Admin, but you have access to the hosting account.

    OK, for starters, does your hosting have the option to install WordPress via simplescripts or something similar? If so, you should be able to get the WP Admin log in details from the installation details.

    Now there is a way to back up Site A. Install this plugin via WP Admin » Plugins » Add New.


    And you have access to the File Manager of Site B, so you can upload the backed up files to that site.

    I know it sounds easy (in theory), but it’s not always as simple when you try to do it yourself. Let me know if this didn’t work and I will check for other solutions.

    Have a good weekend and look forward to receive your feedback.


  • 1happykamper
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    Wow Gina – I will digest your response over one more cup of coffee :slight_smile:. Thank you so very much. I will let you know the outcome.

    meanwhile–as you can all see -I double posted …I saw a list of “recently answered” posts on the right of my home page -but THIS post was not listed as being answered? Plus – it wasnt obvious to me where to go to look for the questions I had already posted?

    Should I have drank more coffee?

    Get better glasses?

    Pay attention to detail?

    or -all of the above?


  • 1happykamper
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    I am going with plan B – I have backed up the site that was on server A – used the plugin you told me about -very cool!

    I simply moved all the files from that backup and copied them to server A.

    Then I got this message when I tried to run the site on server B

    “Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn’t find constant VHOST in /home/wfan/public_html/wp-content/mu-plugins/cimy_uef_mu_activation.php on line 13

    Rebranded Meta Widget is only compatible with Multisite installs.”

    So…is it best to have nothing on server B -move backuped files first THEN install WP -or the other way round?

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