WP Admin and Paypal Transaction information does not match


I already posted this same question here but have not received an answer: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/paypal-transactions-not-showing-up-or-including-name?replies=1#post-835639

Here's the problem I'm having:

There's a transaction where the username in the WP backend does not match the name info in the Paypal transacation admin area.

The user in Wordpress is associated with a completely different name than the one that's recorded on the transaction in Paypal. Both people are registered users with us, but there is a major discrepancy on this one transaction. I double checked and confirmed that the transaction ID matches too.

What could be causing this and is there a way to determine who did indeed make the payment? Should I trust the paypal.com info and just assume the WP dashboard is wrong?

I can supply screenshots if needed.