wpmu-admin.php vs ms-admin.php ANTI-SPLOG

*newbie alert :stuck_out_tongue:
I just downloaded and installed the new version of anti-splog but I still have a error with wp-admin vs ms-admin.
My Admin panel is wp-admin/ms-admin.php?page=ust
At the top of the page is Anti-Splog is almost ready. You must enter your WPMU DEV Premium API key for it to work. which takes me to my domain ... /wp-admin/wpmu-admin.php?page=ust&tab=settings

I've tried changing permalink settings to get them to reset to correct links but it's not happening. Is the error on my side or is the settings tabs etc for Anti-Splog hardcoded to the wp-admin.php?
Thanks! :slight_smile:
PS I've searched the forums but all I've found is "make sure you are using ms-admin not wp-admin" and no beginners tips on how to do that. Sorry :slight_frown: