WP-catch plugin / and server catch

My beloved host company has decided to include the WP-catch plugin with its quick install, they are even so nice as to have it activated and set up for me too!

Even after uninstalling the piece of a "Camel dung", cannot see any css changes i make to my themes.

How do i correct this?

Yes i cleared out my IE9 and Chrome Browser catch, but i see that wp-catch plugin goes by IP as well, SO what does one do to resolve this issue?

  • Mark Wallace

    Hi Tim!

    Tried in another browser, another computer just to be sure?

    Yes i was in Chrome and the dashboard menu bar was down in my header, so i switched to IE9 and got the same issue.

    Maybe a silly question but are you editing the right file?

    I made child themes and just copied the files over from a text doc, that a saved them to from another test site. This has always worked in the past, and i have checked and rechecked.

    @aecnu would love to here this. Since it relates to his favorite people in the world! lol

    I called my host company out on a Inodes count, they was using to get around the "Unlimited" scam, Now they have reset all my max_ execution times back to 30 seconds from 240, and their support has just went out the door!

    I asked them to clear my servers catch and was told that was not necessary. They gave me links to various company policies about shared hosting and an email saying i would get better support with a VSP or dedicated server hosting package.

    I find it hard to believe they would risk loosing a customer with a strong arm tactic trying to force them to a higher package!

    Needless to say, i will not be sending their founder any gift cards for the holidays this year!

    I need to buy one of the colleges that has closed and tap into their internet connection, lol

  • Mark Wallace

    Very soon!

    We have decided that each of us will spend 15 minutes a day looking into the industry methods and how it has effected people! 15 minutes don't sound like much out of a persons day, but that's 15 min X 7 people who think from different angles!

    We usually take a lump and move on, but when we keep getting lumped we dig in and strategize how to make a change!

    My Law firm handled the Tobacco industry lawsuits, and i have to meet with my attorney in a few weeks over some City permits!

    I will ask him what to look for!

    We slated it for next months meeting to see if we want to spend more time on this!

    If you have any doc, or links please do share! :slight_smile:

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