wp-config.php "add multisite" issue – how can something so simple be so difficult?

I’m beyond stumped. What should have been the two easiest part of setting up multisite have been driving me crazy all day. First, I couldn’t get CoreFTP to open my WP directory, Installed Filezilla and it worked immediately. Usually, FTP works like a charm. Not today.

So I don’t know Filezilla. Just met it. But something is getting screwed up somewhere. Every time I try to add the line in the wp-config.php file to allow multisite, I transfer it back over to my site and my dashboard goes blank. When I transfer back the file to Notepad++ to look at it, all the code is one line. I can’t tell where the problem is but this is such a simple step and every time, it wipes out my dashboard and makes my code one line.

Anyone have any idea what’s causing this? (And I did check that my ‘ are straight up and down.) :wink: I can’t tell if it’s Filezilla, the WordPress set up or what but the dashboard worked fine and then one adjustment to the wp-config.php file and it was gone.